Charlotte Rains, Author
Charlotte Rains, Author
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meagan's wish


The PERFECT gift for your child or loved one! "Meagan's Wish"....a beautifully illustrated story of a little lonely girl and her dreams coming true! Meagan is an only child, and sometimes feels very lonely. One night just before going to bed, she decides to make a wish. She had been told if she wished on a star and all the stars twinkled, her wish would come true. So Meagan searches out the biggest, shiniest star, believes with all her heart...and makes her wish! What will Meagan wish for? Will her wish really come true? Find out in “Meagan’s Wish.” A fun and heartwarming story of a lonely little girl with a secret wish.

Charlotte is joining forces with her illustrator, Alexandra H. MacVean, to create another magical children's book. Stay tuned for more!

(Will be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and local bookstores near you!)

Bluebird! Bluebird!


Bluebird! Bluebird! Part of the "Flitter, Flutter, Crawly" series, C.J. Rains has authored yet another charming children's poetry book filled with stories and adventures of precious bluebirds. Whether you're an adult with a child at heart or have children who love everything about bluebirds, this upcoming children's poetry book is certain to brings a smile to the heart of everyone alike!

Working with once again with the ever popular illustrator, Alexandra H. MacVean,  Charlotte's poems will be accompanied by her darling illustrations to bring each adventure to life!

(Will be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and local bookstores near you!)

Fly away, anne


Upcoming novel…

(Updated cover coming soon)